About Sapient Pharma

As an healthcare company, Sapient Pharma manufacturers and markets innovative and quality medicines, which help prevent, cure and alleviate illness as well as save lives. We want to be the company that does more good for more people than any other on the earth.

For The first time, company was established in 1969 by the young energetic pharmacist in Samnabad, Lahore then with the passage of time, felt the need of extension, so the company was shifted to Kot Lakhpat industrial Estate in 1986. The company is well aware of the international standards and its demand. Due to diversified planning and concrete action, all departments are well equipped with the state of the art machinery and modern functioning.

By having a rich portfolio encompassing contemporary ethicalís as well as alternative approaches and most modern biotech entities, we are now even more proficient of helping our partners in healthcare in assisting communities live longer, fuller and healthier lives on earth.


My entire acumen as pharmacist reflects agony due to the fact that quality medicines are not accessible at affordable cost to the masses of the country. Medical technology is making new and radiant achievements throughout the world. Indeed, we do understand the need of the age. Improved and economical medical facilities are to be provided without compromising on quality and efficacy-our sole objective since Sapient Pharma establishment in 1969. This requires strenuous efforts, professionalism and teamwork, which is a driving force of our company.

Sapientís products have always been effective, safe and outstanding in quality. We have worked hard to meet our targets and have achieved many landmarks in the pharmaceutical world so far. I take pride to say that our products are innovative, reliable and affordable as well.

Sapient is fully aware of its great social responsibilities. Naturally, the company keeps striving to maintain the delicate balance to provide our customers with the most effective and safest products at economical

My future outlook for sapient Pharma is to be recognized as a partner of choice by prospective collaborators to become their manucturing base in Pakistan. We also seek export partners around the globe for Sapientís quality products. This premise is based on our passion for quality and desire to become bilaterally beneficial and durable relationships with our business partners and associates. Total Quality Management, Vertical Integration and Innovation will be the hallmarks in our journey towards success, which is no doubt uphill.
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